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Courtisan Couture, the handbag reminiscence of the mixture of cultures

Courtisan Couture, the handbag reminiscence of the mixture of cultures

Courtisan Couture handbag brand, came up during a trip in Mexico. Its creator, Benjamin, a french young man with a multicultural background, created his french brand of exotic leather goods from the different cultures he has known along his trips and stays.


 “I went to a shop specialized in leather goods from the north of Mexico. They usually offer products made with exotic skins but the finishes was not good. So I decided to investigate coming back to France.”

Courtisan Couture_Benja Products_2017_DI5A5995_Photos & ® Iliana Yar

 “At the beginning it was for me, I mean as a client, I wanted to buy a wallet made with crocodile skin. So when I was finally in France, I noticed that the difference between prices is so huge, and also not justified. Then investigating more, I decided to create my own brand with a french identity and finishes but with skins from abroad.

And that is what differentiates Courtisan Couture, using top quality materials for a fair price. But in fact, there are many more things that make this brand unique:

“The first difference is with prices, we know that the others want to have big profit margin. We don’t want the same, we prefer to sacrifice a part of our profit margin to permit more people to afford our products. We want to break with the stereotype of the classic luxurious brand, which is too austere and cold. We are young and modern, and we want our brand to be so.”

Courtisan Couture_Benja Products_2017_DI5A5881_Photos & ® Iliana Yar

However, they also want to differentiate in their strategy:

“So the other difference is our way to communicate, we don’t want to create a huge distance between us and our clients. We are normal persons so everybody can speak with us or suggest something to us.”

Courtisan Couture_Benja Products_2017_DI5A5881_Photos & ® Iliana Yar

Influenced greatly by French art and culture, Courtisan Couture not only focuses on making good and quality handbags, but also create a good community with their followers and clients. That is why one of their big influences would be ONEPLUS, the mobile company.

Courtisan Couture_Benja Products_2017_DI5A5881_Photos & ® Iliana Yar

Aimed for people who enjoy high quality products, this brand has its greater number of customers from France as it is easier for them to reach being french and using french medias.However, they have many followers in the Middle East also because Benjamin Machkouri, the designer and owner of the brand has a part of his origins in Iran. So he tries to make him brand appreciated there also

Courtisan Couture_Benja Products_2017_DI5A5890_Photos & ® Iliana Yar

The future for Courtisan Couture is simple, as its creator confesses:

For the future, we want to be able to create more collections with other types of exotic skins, like ostrich. We would like to reach the asian market because we know that asian people, like chinese and japaneses ones enjoy the french culture and our know-how”


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