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Carla Lopez handbags, seamless designs impossible to resist

Carla Lopez handbags, seamless designs impossible to resist

Seamless designs, local production, artisan manufacture are some of the key elements Carla Lopez handbags play high for. Arising from a mere bachelor thesis, Carla Lopez wouldn’t have imagined to prosecute those sketches into real handbags, but she did. It was then when the brand emerged with the association to Emilia Arzúa, publicist and designer, creating the renowned company it is now.


Carla Lopez’s production is completely handcrafted. As they say:

“All the handbags are auctioned by hand, the animal pieces are melted and polished one by one to avoid imperfections… we take care of the quality of the materials so the finish of the product is perfect and long lasting.”


The Spanish designers try to find the crossroad between the sketches, the technical restrictions and trends. As Emilia confesses, “not all of the designs are achievable, but we need them to be functional, be sure they convey a message and that the result is harmonious and without stridencies”.  Carla Lopez’s inspiration arises at any moment, whether she’s in the street elated by a unique combination of colors, a pattern or texture that can be a good starting point.

Their successful and unique creations even reached one of the most influential women in the world, Beyoncé, who was seen wearing the Dear design in one of her appearances. Their target audience? Any woman willing to stand out. As Emilia admits,

“we like to imagine a cosmopolitan woman that likes to risk with accessories, values handcraft and the exclusiveness that only sustainable fashion can offer”.



These handbags are unique pieces, carefully detailed, with prices that range from 275 and 395 euros, and that can be purchased through their web page http://www.carlalopez.es/  or the Handbag Designer 101, an online store settled in Manhattan that picks up young designers from all over the world.



With incessantly expectations, Carla Lopez is preparing new releases, both from a jewellery collection that had good reception last year, and new handbags with which they are very excited about. As Carla confides, “in the long run, we would love to open our own store and continue working in what we love with the same enthusiasm as the beginning”.