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BOYY is your new handbag firm

BOYY is your new handbag firm

Boyy, a Thai luxury accessories firm, is one of our favorite brands of handbags.

Born in New York, based in Bangkok, founded by a Canadian and a Thai, it is almost impossible to determine the exact origin of this handbag signatures and that is one of the reasons that makes it so enigmatic. Jesse Dorsey, born in Montreal (Canada), and Wannasiri Kongman, from Bangkok (Thailand), met in New York in 2004 and, two years later, founded BOYY. Six years later they moved to Bangkok, a city where they have been living since 2012. “It’s where we live now and where we have four stores and a cafe. We are very fond of Denmark because we also have a store in the center of Copenhagen but we do not consider ourselves as a Danish firm “, explains the Canadian.

The masculine component is what defines both the aesthetics of their bags and their own name. “Our philosophy from the first day has been that women’s accessories must have a masculine cut, balancing femininity as if it were a kind of Ying and Yang … and, since the signature was conceived by two of us, we added the second Y “, reveals one of its founders who also describes BOYY as a paradox and as its own interpretation of luxury. And is that their designs as well as being timeless are also absolutely recognizable thanks to two very specific elements: eyelets and buckles, both in size XL.

The most know bag model is the Karl. A short handle design with removable shoulder strap, made with 100% premium leather, flap and buckle detail on the front.

A buckle that is undoubtedly the trademark of the brand and guilty of super stylish girls like Pernille Teisbaek, Josephine Aarkrogh, Hanna Stefansson and even Bella Hadid herself; have fallen exhausted and sigh before the charms of this ideal (and now viral) little bag.


B O Y Y bags has paved a path of its own, formulating a fresh and forward-looking interpretation of luxury.

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