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Bienen Davis handbags, the fashion that made it to the Metropolitan Museum

Bienen Davis handbags, the fashion that made it to the Metropolitan Museum

Bienen David handbags, closed in 1976 and relaunched in 2017, have even been included in Metropolitan  Museum’s permanent collection.

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Founded in 1931 in New York by Herbert Bienen and Edwin Davis, Bienen-Davis was an eminent maker of fine leather handbags in an era when Paris was still the epicenter of fashion and luxury goods. These handbags are so expertly designed and constructed that they have always been a reference in the handbag world of fashion.

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Each handbag is made by hand, often by the original Italian artisans who created them in the 40’s, and each bag is designed for function as much as style.

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Many celebrities go for Bienen Davis handbags for their most special occasions, such is the case of Zendaya, wearing it in her past Homecoming dance.

Aside from the engineering, all the details of the bags are superior and can be felt with one touch. The linings are made with the finest silks, velvets or satins which are sourced from places like Lake Como or Tuscany.

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Already in the 1930s, Davis handbags were the ultimate trend of the time, showing up in The front cover of the July 1935 issue of Luggage & Leather Goods features photographs of “leading style authorities” for Fall 1935.

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It’s easy to be confused by the bag’s often times simple, but unique, designs, but once these handcrafted handbags are owned, it becomes quite clear there is nothing like it on the market.