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Balenciaga insists on selling paper bags for 2000€

Although in leather, it is a very expensive replica of classic paper bag.

We thought that Balenciaga would not do it again, but we were more wrong than ever. Do you remember that it all started with a bag that looked a lot like one of the blue and yellow bags in Ikea?

And that the firm along with its creative director, Demna Gvasalia, did not stay there since last year they released a leather bag just like the bags they give you in the store if you buy any of their products.

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Well, this year the controversy continues and Gvasalia hand again presents a new bag that is the same as the previous one, but in maxi format. We suppose that, although we found something very strange, sales have been very good and the idea of ​​adding a lot of glamor to a simple paper bag has been a success.

Therefore, the collection has this strange bag in various formats, XS, L and XL. Prices range from 1,225 euros for the smallest size; up to just over two thousand euros of size XL.

Of course, any of the three formats are not made of paper but very soft skin, and also comes with a pocket inside, adjustable strap, magnetic closure, palladium finish and two colors, white or black. In addition, it is very versatile because it can be used by both men and women.


And although less controversial, Balenciaga also has in its collection other types of handbags that sometimes also look like the classic handbags we use to go to the supermarket.

Would you buy it?

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