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Ariana Grande has brought the bag ‘Kelly’ in its most exceptional version

The singer has turned the legendary Hermès accessory into a much more underground piece.


The artist was spotted a few days ago leaving her apartment in New York with a total white look composed of an oversize sweatshirt as a dress and boots over the knee. So far, nothing out of the ordinary, as this is a regular uniform of the singer. However, the absolutely unexpected touch came from the hand of her transparent bag. I could have gone through another translucent design, if it was not because it turns out to be a version of the mythical Kelly of Hermès.

Ariana Grande

Anyone slightly familiar with the world of fashion knows that this is the most mythical design of the firm, along with the Birkin, since it was named after Grace Kelly, after she had used it once to cover her incipient pregnancy to the eyes of the paparazzi. In this way, the Kelly is not only a bag, but rather an object of worship that, in addition to costing thousands of euros, is also very difficult to obtain (its waiting lists are famous). It is well known that the lucky ones who can access this Hermès model can customize it to their liking with the skin, color, pattern and other details that they want to add. However, to date we had not seen that anyone had taken it to the extreme of making it transparent.


An eccentricity worthy of a pop diva like Ariana Grande, who fits perfectly with her non-classical personality. As a final point, it seems that the singer wanted to customize it a little more with some lyrics recorded in white, from which we can decipher the word “Sweetener”, the title of her last album that was just released the day the artist wore this look Without a doubt, she could not have given away a better memory of the debut of her record.

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