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Aram Lee, the origami-inspired bags

Aram Lee is a fashion accessories and product designer based in Brooklyn, New York. Originally from Korea where she studied Art and Design at Seoul National University, she moved to New York where she started her career as a handbag designer for Kate Spade and the Gap before moving on to become a creative director for Kooba. Aram’s passion for creating unique and practical designs is the focus of her creative process.

Aram Lee


Surprised by her designs, we interviewed Aram Lee to know more about this original and practical handbags.

After working in fashion corporate for 17 years, Aram Lee started to feel there was something missing. So she decided to leave a career driven by market trends, to pursue her passion for creating products that are more practical and timeless.
Aram Lee handbags
We created high quality leather handbags that provide more than one option. We developed the origami-inspired idea of a foldable and transformable bags that are chic, practical and can adapt to a woman’s busy schedule.
Bags from Aram Lee are created with an emphasis on no-waste manufacturing in an effort to challenge the industry standard wastage of leather, which ranges from 20% – 50%, depending on the leather piece. They came up with an idea to make use of this waste. After cutting the leather, every scrap piece from the bags are gathered and reused to create coordinating pouches that make the perfect accompaniment to the bags.
Aram Lee
My design idea comes from my personal experiences.
I realized sometimes you’d leave home with a small bag, only to need more room later on, or vice versa. This led me to come up with an idea of transformable bags, that could maintain a look that’s effortless in any situation.
Aram Lee
When asked for their future, Aram Lee will continue to create more items in other categories using various materials. In fact she has recently introduced a new Jewelry collection.
Aram Lee

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