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We interview Annamária Pap, a product designer specialized in designing bags from leather and who started working with leather since the age of 12.

After she finished her product designer studies at the university in Budapest worked for multinational companies in 9 different positions before quitting her job and starting her own business. She remembers that it was not an easy decision “but when I took the first own designed bag in my hand felt that it was worth” she says.

I have an addiction to the leather since the 6th grade. I made small things like pencil case, key holder etc. I was amazed how versatile this material is.


B.: High quality is at the base of Annamaria Pap’s philosophy with similar levels of quality of those of the luxury brands.

A.: I have invested a lot of energy to create products which are close to perfect in terms of quality, design and functionality. As a perfectionist my original goal was to reach the same level of quality seen by big brands like Prada, Gucci, and Burberry.  Based on the feedbacks from our customers – even if partially – I think I managed to reach this enormous goal. The only difference is that I’m not a big company, but I’m just an everyday normal girl who lives in a small apartment and dared to dream big. I do most of the tasks on my own, have no assistant whatsoever. Besides being the designer, I’m the logistic department, customer contact, photographer, editor, shopper etc. It’s exhausting but I love it.


To be honest I do not have exciting or special inspirational sources I could tell long stories about. Neither the starry sky, nor the blue sea gives me inspiration when it comes to product designing. Bags are accessories which have to harmonize with the dress and the current trends. I mix elements of the trends and shapes I like until I got something I would wear too. Sounds simple right? (It’s not ha-ha)

Durability is a very important aspect for me too, I like bags which last for years in a good shape even if used on a daily basis. To achieve this, we use top quality handpicked (by me) Italian materials and metal accessories.


B.: Tells us about the future of Annamaria Pap:

A.: As always I have big plans, this is what gives me energy to deal with the obstacles I face day by day. I really want to reach out to the international audience. It’s not easy from a small country like Hungary but I do believe that sooner or later hard work pays off.  I’m always glad if an international magazine like yours contacts me. It gives me a good feedback that I’m on the right track.

Target audience of Annamaria Pap is everyone who loves quality leather accessories which are usable in the everyday.


Most of the customers are from central Europe, especially Hungary where they are based, but they also have customers in the US and Canada as well.

In Budapest, you can find the phisical store at Berlin Store Budapest


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