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Agnes Wess , the new handbag concept: Camaleobag

Agnes Wess , the new handbag concept: Camaleobag

Being able to wear many bags in one is the idea in which was settled Agnes Wess. Agnieszka Wesołowska and the designer: Anna Czupajło, came up with. The dream of travelling with just one bag with many different versions, and that is how they came up with Camaleobag.

AGNES WESS_Cameleobag_BODY BIG and collection of frontsThat is what differentiates it from others, its changeability. Agnieszka reccons it is what makes the brand blunt.

“The flagship product of the brand, the bag called Cameleobag – can change and transform thanks to its removable elements. In the blink of an eye, without repacking, you can adjust it to your style, mood or event. So, if you buy one base and few changeable elements (flaps and straps) you actually get hold of a few different bags.”

AGNES WESS_Cameleobag_DOLLAR set

Agness Wess is a very sensitive brand into aesthetics, and that is what probably influences it the most.

“I love beautiful, high quality products and I have always been interested in fashion.  Everything that surrounds us : people, streets, architecture, music, art does influence us.  I am more of a ‘city animal’ and enjoy urban atmosphere a lot. But mostly I am shaped by my values such as independence, freedom and love of changes. All this forms the base of Cameleobag concept”, Agnieszka admits.

AGNES WESS_set Body Big_ Body Slim_TATTOO

AGNES WESS bags may be worn by motorcyclists ( unisex bag) or businesswomen, or a mother with her daughter. You can take them to an office or a concert. They go perfectly with a suit or grunge style outfit – it is all a matter of choosing the right flap and strap.

“It is more about the group of people who represent a particular attitude: need of independence, love of changeability and at the same time need of comfort and high quality gained at a reasonable price. Buy less but do not resign from playing with fashion – that is my credo. Cameleobag base can serve you for many seasons, it is enough to buy some changeable flaps and straps and you get a brand new bag” admits the owner.

AGNES WESS_Cameleobag_TATTOO set_BODY SLIM_black leather bag_changeable parts

Poland is the focus of their customers, however AGNES WESS is not stopping there. In fact, they would like to reach Great Britain. As Agnieszka says:

“It would be fantastic to spot somebody for example in London with one of the Cameleobags

AGNES WESS_set Body Big_ Body Slim_Cartoon (1)


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