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Adelaide Carta, handbags created among an eco friendly and green philosophy

Adelaide Carta, handbags created among an eco friendly and green philosophy

Adelaide Carta, created from a new concept of trend based on a green and eco friendly philosophy, was born for the will to transmit my traditional Sardinian roots, through innovative a new cultural approach to the concept of fashion.



Italian made, vegan materials, accompanied by crafted, printed and painted cork, are some of the characteristics this young brand recalls its essential origins, who are guide and inspiration of every project.



The main difference? Their innovative materials.

Adelaide is different because my real goal was to be able to make cork a modern material and annihilate the banal equivalence that often makes it seem like ethical, anti-fashion. In fact, cork is seen as a no-chic and no trendy material. I wanted to show that it was possible, so much so that I could choose my product for its design, make it appreciated, and then discover that it was also eco-friendly and product only with vegan fabrics Italian Made, with particular attention to our environment. In short, reverse the communication process a bit!”

Sardinian born, Adelaide Carta ‘s origins is what make the brand what it is today. The main inspirations are her traditions elaborated in a modern way.

“My island has ancient roots that contain values, knowledge and great arts that is fair to make known to all generations, the important thing is to find the right way to communicate with our interlocutors / consumers: the words for me, are my bags !”


Each product has a story to tell, and that is the aim of this brand, to get to a woman looking for a new product, which posseses both fashion and art. But Adelaide Carta is for everyone!


Having most of its customers in Italy, the main goal of the brand is the use exclusively materials of plant origin and / or recycling within the next 4-5 years, as it is the key differentiating element of Adelaine Carta.


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