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4 reasons why this bag seen in the ‘street style’ must be memorized this season

One of the latest creations of Rejina Pyo condenses all the trends that matter this autumn-winter 2018/2019 in the matter of handbags.


There is one bag among those seen on the street during New York Fashion Week that deserves a slow second glance, because it condenses many of the trends of autumn-winter 2018/2019: the Olivia bag of Rejina Pyo.

The characteristics of the bag are so marked that once they are internalized, it is impossible not to detect them: medium size, rectangular silhouette and a small height, contrary to the dictates of the majority and declining the increasingly ubiquitous style of the bucket bags. But beyond the arty vocation, there are several trends here and now in which they recreate:

1) The crocodile effect

As Ana Gándara, editor of Actualidad, wrote, “If we counted the number of times that each trend appears on the catwalk, it would take the grand prize”. Whatever the material is made, the bag is cut to imitate the animal, sometimes adding the plus of patent leather. In the white version of Pyo’s latest collection, brightness is not the most striking, but in brown, launched months earlier, it is more visible.

2) The size

Although the monumental have begun to postulate as viral (and probably get it next season), for now it is the small media and those who continue to win the game.

3) The short handle

There are no concessions: there is no model that is free of this coordinate. While some have begun to be placed on the shoulder, being short, others continue to become strong in the hands and around the wrists, like Olivia.

4) Retro air

This is nothing more than the sum of all the above, since these variables form the incontestable list of “what a bag should have to remember another time”. Of course, it also helps (enormously) the rigid structure.


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