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3 reasons why this is the new viral bag

The Angelou, the latest release of Cult Gaia, is already the new object of desire of Instagram.

Just two months ago we presented Cult Gaia as the emerging firm that was going to succeed in the coming seasons. Each launch of the firm founded and led by Jasmin Larian are not only a sales success, but a phenomenon in social networks. The quality of its materials, the strength of the manual work in each one of its pieces and its attractive designs for the millennial generation are the basis of its success.

Now, Cult Gaia has presented a new design that promises to become the new viral bag. Why? We have several reasons to believe that it will be Instagram’s new wish item:


Very excited to introduce The Angelou bag. Link in bio to shop.

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1. It’s from Cult Gaia
And, therefore, viral. Last year, the Arc bag (which you’ve probably seen in a million influencers accounts) was the firm’s first big success. A handbag made with natural materials, manufactured by hand and with a totally new design that conquered the most exquisite New Yorkers. It had numerous versions in different colors and formats, but always keeping the design and shape of the original and, a year later, it is still the bag of the moment.


A new take on our classic. Our Gaia's Ark now comes in a mixed stained bamboo.

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The profile of Cult Gaia already has more than 240 thousand followers on Instagram, its success continues to increase and each new release keeps its fans in suspense. That is why the new bag The Angelou may be the successor of the Arc.

2. A network bag without being network
2018 has been the year (or at least its first half) of the net bag, and its success promises to increase with the arrival of summer (if it ever comes). We have seen so many versions of the net bag, the original of the bags to make the purchase, as there are firms in the fashion industry. From Vetements, with a built-in leather bag, for sale for more than 3,000 euros, to the low-cost versions of Zara, Mango and several signatures on Amazon (not exceeding 5 euros).


Maybe that’s why Cult Gaia wanted to make a nod to this trend in its latest release. Of course, The Angelou is not a net bag although the effect is similar. It is made with fringes and knots, creating a kind of network but without losing the essence and the seal of Cult Gaia.

3. Fashionistas are already dying for him
Hours after Cult Gaia presented its latest release with an image of the piece in its Instagram profile, it already conquered fashionistas, influencers and fashion experts with its design and the support of the brand that signs it. Do we need anything else to say with total certainty that The Angelou is the new viral bag?

The Angelou Bag #cultgaia #handbag #thecoolhunter #beautifulaccessories

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