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octubre 2018

The street has spoken: between the bags 'lady', the fanny packs, the smallest models (like the one to hang around the neck sketched by Jacquemus that is already a 'must' among the most 'fashion') and the ones with hair (comfortable and warm to equal parts),

Likapa is a brand designed and created by Hazal Kurtulus, a Turkish designer whose education was divided among Turkey, Italy and Japan. The brand merges the innovation of a unique, contemporary and unconventional design with the use of a mix of techniques and materials, which range from

The best of all is that they are colored in neutral tones to match everything, not only for the beach, but also for the city. Much has been said about the huge straw hat that Jacquemus has put in the mainstream since his signature started to

Isalda is a Spanish brand based in Madrid founded in 2016 by Isabel Fernández Lanza. Formed by the Instituto Europeo di Design as a designer, she specializes in leather goods by the Loewe Foundation and she has extensive national and international experience in the fashion industry.