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julio 2018

MINI BAGS ARE THE BEST OPTION FOR SUMMER The best firms bet to recreate their emblematic bags in smaller scales. How about this mini Chloé bag? SHOP THE NILE BRACELET SHOULDER BAG BY CHLOÉ: !function(doc,s,id){ var e, p, cb; if(!doc.getElementById(id)) { e = doc.createElement(s); e.id = id;

Aram Lee is a fashion accessories and product designer based in Brooklyn, New York. Originally from Korea where she studied Art and Design at Seoul National University, she moved to New York where she started her career as a handbag designer for Kate Spade and

At the height of Sex in New York and with John Galliano in front of Dior, the model 'Saddle' was the most coveted of celebrities. Now his leadership could be repeated again. In the newly inaugurated new millennium, Carrie Bradshaw dictated the trends. The absolute queen,