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junio 2018

Fendi Logomania Seems like Fendi is fighting with Gucci for logomania. There is no doubt that the best-known luxury design houses are in a constant race to reign in logomania. First, of course, there is the aforementioned Gucci, which since Alessandro Michele took the reins of creative

The Angelou, the latest release of Cult Gaia, is already the new object of desire of Instagram. Just two months ago we presented Cult Gaia as the emerging firm that was going to succeed in the coming seasons. Each launch of the firm founded and led

Pascal NU , the unique designed laser cut manufactured handbags Texas settled, Pascal NU handbags are meticulously  and modern designed handbags which results are achieved through laser cut fabrication. “Pascal NU handbags feature unconventional materials like concrete and acrylic. Every bag has been designed from scratch and

The Poitiers bag x Goyard The Goyard family of tote bags welcomes a newcomer, this time in mini format. Based in Carcasson, south of France, the Maison Goyard leather goods firm is positioned as one of the most mysterious and desired by lovers of luxury bags and luggage.