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If Mini Bags are not for you, here’s the double bag trend

2 Bags (“double bag”), The New Trend

Taking into account that the new and popular trend of minis bags is not very efficient (because the cell phone barely fits), it is obvious that a new one has arisen to carry 2 bags. And we understand your skepticism, why carry 2 bags when I can carry only one?


Even though it sounds awkward, the new trend of carrying 2 bags is more useful than you think. This way, you can leave the biggest one in the office and go out with the smallest one at lunchtime. So you do not go through life carrying the biggest and heaviest bag thanks to the second you brought with you.

double bag trend

The bag is an accessory that can change from the most casual attire to the most elegant. For the office, the big bag will make you look elegant, but to go out with friends that night, why not leave it in the car? In addition to being useful, the clutch will help you carry what you need and give you a more casual look.


Yes, the bag is and always will be an accessory. By having the opportunity to carry 2, not only can you load more things, but you also have the opportunity to complement your outfit to double. How? Easy, making a contrast of colors, patterns or styles. After all it’s a new trend, so you can experience everything you want.

Just as you will find bags of different colors and styles, you will find combos; that is, identical bags but of different sizes. And although we recommend you experiment with the combinations that you like, you can also use the same bag design to not miss your ‘look’.


Some options you can mix to get the double bag trend this SS18:

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